No To Minto

Please have everyone in your family sign and mail (or email, or fax) this petition, and tell your friends and neighbors. This small gesture is already helping to show our elected officials how concerned we are. Every single petition is precious and valuable!! Thank you !!

Click HERE to download and print the Petition

Please read and if you oppose OVER-development, please sign and mail to:
LoxAlerts,    PO Box 212681,   Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411
For the price of a stamp, let YOUR voice be heard!
If you prefer to sign, scan and email, please send it to

You can also fax to  561-354-6025

Minto has proposed helping Indian Trail with drainage. This document explains why that will be difficult and expensive for Minto, and that during a big storm, Minto might not provide any drainage at all. 90% of Minto is in a flood zone.

Minto will bring in four times more people than the jobs it can provide. This will likely increase unemployment in the area, and reduce economic opportunity for Acreage residents.

Minto sent a letter to ITID, which says, among other things, that they want Coconut to be widened to 4 lanes, and also want 60th to be widened.

These two traffic studies are INDEPENDENT of each other - the Minto study assumes Avenir doesn't exist, and vice versa. If Minto is built first, Avenir will have to redo their study, and vice versa. If you put them both together, the increase in traffic is almost unimaginable. The Minto traffic study widens eleven local roads, up to 4, 6, 8, and even 10 lanes !!! This is so they can carry the NEW traffic generated by Minto. The Avenir study widens seven local roads.