Meeting Cancelled

Tonight's (May 7) PBC staff Info meeting at Seminole Ridge HS is Cancelled. 

See new dates below.


Our next ROADSIDE RALLY will be on the SR-7 Extension, just south of Orange Grove Blvd. We will be collecting petitions from residents opposed to the Minto project, and getting the word out the the community. Saturday 5/3/2014 from 10am-3pm.



The next Board of County Commissioners meeting is on Monday April 28th, at 301 North Olive Avenue, West Palm Beach, 6th floor (Governmental Center), at 9:30am.

This meeting is on "text initiation", which is the exact same issue heard on 4/11 by the Planning Commission, only this time, the BCC (Board of County Commissioners) make the "real decision".

This is not a "critical" meeting; however, in light of the 4/11 meeting, it has taken on a more important role. If you can attend the meeting, it would again show a united front by our community! 

For those of you who are unable to attend, would you please consider sending an email (mention Minto West in your subject line) but this time to the Board of County Commissioners.  Some things you might want to mention:

1. Remind them that their advisory board, appointed by them, i.e. the PBC Planning Commission on April 11, 2014, by a unanimous 11 to 0 vote, recommended NOT to initiate.

2. That the text initiation be denied as inconsistent with State law, our PBC Comprehensive Land Use Plan, and incompatible with the surrounding area.

3. This property already used up it's allowance of a 'unique' process under Agricultural Enclave.

4. Request that future meetings concerning the Minto West project be held in the late afternoon/evening hours at the Vista Center, or in much larger venue where all can attend and be heard.

These are the names, phone numbers and email address of the BCC. First I list them individually and at the bottom, I just group all of the email addresses together so you can cut and paste them into an email.

Steve Abrams - sabrams@pbcgov.org - (561) 355-2204
Priscilla Taylor - ptaylor@pbcgov.org - (561) 355-2207
Shelley Vana - svana@pbcgov.org - (561) 355-2203
Paulette Burdick - pburdick@pbcgov.org - (561) 355-2202
Jess Santamaria - JSantama@pbcgov.org - (561) 355-6300
Mary Lou Berger - MBerger@pbcgov.org - (561) 355-2205
Hal Valeche - hvaleche@pbcgov.org - (561) 355-2201

sabrams@pbcgov.org, ptaylor@pbcgov.org, svana@pbcgov.org, pburdick@pbcgov.org, JSantama@pbcgov.org, MBerger@pbcgov.org, hvaleche@pbcgov.org



Thank you for visiting our website. 

Loxahatchee and Acreage residents are a very diverse group. Our residents come from all different backgrounds, some of us born and raised here, others relocating from all different areas. There are many different reasons we have chosen to move out here to the "Western Communities" of Palm Beach County. Maybe you wanted to live on a small farm? Or a safe place to raise your family. Maybe you got tired of the "Urban Sprawl" and the traffic. Whatever brought us out here, we all enjoy the same benefits.
  • Fresh air
  • Peace and quiet
  • Dark nights and starry skies
  • Freedom from HOA restrictions
  • A "country" lifestyle
Whether or not you moved out here with the assumption that development would follow, the County has designated zoning and land use codes to ensure that people or corporations restrict the use of the land to within certain guidelines. This is why we have a pig farm behind Publix and not skyscrapers. 

Recently, there have been several developments regarding the sale of land for development and, while developers are entitled to build on their land, they are still required to adhere to the land use and zoning restrictions set in place by the County.

As you will read, what the land use is designated for and what Minto, the new owner and developer of the former Callery Judge Groves, is proposing is staggering. Minto would like for you to believe that they are planning "a vibrant and sustainable community that integrates with the rural character of the western communities".

Minto feels that this is what integrates with the "rural character" of our community:
  • 6,500 Residential Units, including Zero Lot Line, and Apartments
  • 200,000 square feet for Office Space
  • 200,000 square feet for Light Industrial/Manufacturing Space
  • 500,000 square feet of space for Aerospace and Technology Research and Development
  • 500,000 square feet of Retail 
  • 3,000 student University
  • 150 room Hotel
  • Spring Training Baseball Complex
We will be continuously updating the web-site to provide enough facts for you to determine for yourself if this is what you feel belongs in our community.

Please read about Minto's plan and what it means to our community and our lifestyle. Note the detrimental effects it will have on our water supply, drainage, environment, traffic, and overall quality of life.

If this is not what you want in your community, please read about how you can help us.
Read More about Minto and Callery Judge Groves.




STOP overdevelopment in the Acreage.

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