Other Developments

Commercial Development Approved in the Area:
  1. Coconut/Northlake – southwest corner: Approved in 2008 for a 106,000 square feet plaza, which will include a grocery store, pharmacy, retail shops, restaurants, fast food restaurant, bank, gas station/car wash/convenience store.
  2. 112th & Northlake Boulevard southeast corner – approved in 2006 for 94,089 square feet of commercial office
  3. 112th & Northlake Boulevard southwest corner – approved in 2009 for 42,819 square feet of medical offices/pharmacy.
  4. Osprey Isle & Northlake Boulevard (north side) approved in 2007 for 75,000 self storage and 75,000 square feet of office.
  5. IBIS – commercial approved (year unknown) for 86,369 square feet.
  6. Seminole Pratt/Orange – southeast corner – approved in 2005 – 50,000 square feet retail, institutional, entertainment.
  7. Seminole Pratt/Orange – northeast corner – approved in 1998 – 107,000 plus square feet, Publix grocery store and other retail/restaurant uses.
  8. Seminole Pratt/Southern – northwest corner – approved in 2008 (commercial and residential) – converted in 2010 to just commercial being 280,000 square feet of commercial/retail. In 2012 granted the right to have big box retail.
  9. Seminole Pratt (near high school) – shopping plaza including grocery store, retail and recently a gas station. Original date of approval and total square footage approved is unknown.
  10. Palm Beach State College Campus on B Road in Loxahatchee Groves.
  11. Commercial (unknown size) approved on B Road in Loxahatchee Groves.

 This list does not include numerous other commercial projects that have been approved in the general area by the Village of Royal Palm Beach. 

Residential Projects Approved in the Area:
  1. Numerous residential, residential/commercial projects approved in the Village of Royal Palm Beach, Village of Wellington, City of West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County.
  2. PortaSol on Okeechobee Boulevard - Osprey Isles, Bay Hill Estates, and Ibis on Northlake.
  3. Highland Dunes – 20 mile bend and Southern – approved for 2,000 residential units, plus 50,000 square feet of commercial. Original land use approved in 2004 or 2005. Zoning reapproved October 2013.
  4.  A 90 plus or minus parcel on the north side of Northlake Boulevard, between Grapeview and Coconut approved in the last 10 years that will allow approximately 90 residential units.
  5. Minto- Ag Enclave approved in 2008 for Callery Judge Grove, which provides for 2,996 residential units, plus 235,000 square feet of commercial.
  6. Lion Country Safari approved to switch from the rural tier to the exurban tier approved in 2010 – 254 residential units.  

Road planning extensions - S. Pratt. W  / Okeechobee / 60th Street / Persimmon
To accommodate the future developments roads must be widened. 
Green dotted lines show Possible county future road expansions.